Artisan butchers in Valdobbiadene

The Salumi De Stefani Srl was established in Guia di Valdobbiadene in 1958 as a butcher shop by Giuseppe De Stefani; today it’s managed by his sons Cesare and Giacomo that continue to create natural products in which it is clear the taste and the smell of the ancient tradition of this area (globally famous for the Prosecco’s hills) but even the big attention to the present/future needs.

The secrets for a constant high quality product are basically two: the raw materials and the production processes. On one hand the heavy Italian porks are perfect for our artisan cured meats, on the other hand these different factors allow us to make them unique: the exclusive use of natural gut casing, the aging rooms that permit the development of natural moulds, the traditional smoking process with beechwood, the manual massage of the meats, the addition of “Vin brulè” (mulled wine of Prosecco) in the mixture of “Salami” and “Soppresse” and  the spray of this wine on our “Prosciutto Crudo” during the aging. These details all together with the gained experience bring to an excellent artisan product with the flavour of the past.

As a confirmation of the high quality and the close attention paid to the present requirements, the Company received the Organic Certification in 2018 and it started to produce this new range of products with the goal to increase it constantly in the next years.

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